Ground Stabilisation Services (GSS), a division of Birmingham Research and Development Limited (BRDL) at the University of Birmingham is a unique, independent group of experts specialising in all aspects of chemical stabilisation and remediation of soils. Providing advice and assistance on a national and international scale, GSS can assist the client with any specific aspect of chemical stabilisation relating typically to highway schemes, large scale construction projects, railway maintenance and remediation schemes and contaminated land remediation and regeneration. We advise and assist contractors, consultants, local authorities and courts on issues relating to the chemical stabilisation of marginal soils for engineering applications. In-house experts, with extensive industrial and academic experience, give the client a high quality inter-disciplinary consultancy service from inception to completion.

Expertise is our strength

GSS is the only academic-based chemical soil stabilisation consultancy in the UK. This uniqueness, we believe, is where we are most effective and can offer a bespoke service. Not only can GSS offer unrivalled expertise, but we are also able to offer practical engineered solutions that are cost-effective and workable. GSS guides the client through problem identification and assessment and formulate the most suitable and appropriate solutions. Having access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment and being heavily involved with various research projects, both at a national and international level, GSS are able to offer solutions based on well-established and emerging research.